Triple Crown has literally set the Deer Breeding world on fire by consistently producing some of the Greatest Sons and Daughters to ever live on the face of this earth. His production has not let up one ounce, since his first breeding at the age of 2, and he is still considered one of the top leading Sires in the industry.

Derby Sand Ranch and High Roller Whitetails would like to take this opportunity to once again thank all of our fellow Deer Breeders who stood by, bred with Triple Crown, purchased his offspring, and allowed his bloodline into their herds.

To express our appreciation; we put together this website, dedicated to showcasing only TC Sons and their owners from all across America. We welcome all of you Breeders to join in; by emailing us your Buck photo, Name, Pedigree, along with your Farm description, website URL; and we will be honored to post them and your information on this site for the whole world to see.

Triple Crown Daughters are unbelievable producing machines as well and they certainly deserve much credit. Many have already become "Super Does", so perhaps this site will inspire a future site just for them and their production.      

We would like to thank everyone for following along on this site and we hope you enjoy it! Please click on the link below to meet these Amazing TC Sons and their Owners.


Best Wishes,   

Derby Sand Ranch